We specialize in metal silhouettes.  We have many designs available, a few of which you will find in

We will be changing our items periodically, so keep coming back.

We are also set up to create your designs or requests.  Just give us a call (607) 749-6531 or fax us (607) 749-4925 and we will be happy to accommodate you. Or, email us at artsandparts1@yahoo.com.

Approximate sizing for most artwork is 12"x15", but we can custom size up to 4' x 8'. We are also capable of cutting out custom parts, so don't be afraid to call and ask.

If you are a scroll saw enthusiast, we will cut any design out of thin aluminum for templates.  You can either trace from them, or tack down, paint over and cut out what's left!

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Dozens of uses - customize grills, gates, light fixtures, signs, auto parts -- you name it!